Online Banking

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Online Banking

Q: What is SECU's Online Banking Service?
A: SECU's Online Banking service allows you to access your SECU accounts via the Internet to view accounts, pay bills, and transfer funds. You can view all of your SECU accounts including Checking, Savings, Certificates of Deposit, IRAs, and most loans (including lines of credit and mortgages), and Visa Credit Cards.

Q: What can I do online?

A: You can do almost all your personal banking online:

  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds*
  • Pay bills to persons or businesses online through Bill Pay
  • Loan or line of credit payments
  • SECU line of credit or Visa Credit Card cash advances
  • View online check images
  • Apply for loans
  • Order checks
  • Receive, view and store Online Statements
  • View and pay your SECU Visa Credit Cards
  • Open new accounts
  • Deposit a check through My Deposit
  • Domestic and international wire transfers
  • Transfer balances to or receive cash advances from your Visa Credit Card
  • Download to Quicken, and Microsoft Money

*Transfers initiated after 8:30 pm ET Monday - Friday or after 4:30 pm ET on holidays and weekends will be posted the next business day.

Q: How much does Online Banking cost?
A: Online Banking is free to all SECU members.

Q: Can I enroll in Online Banking right now?
A: Yes, if you're a SECU member, then you can enroll online quickly and easily here.

Q: How do I cancel Online Banking?
A: Send us your written request to terminate service to SECU, P.O Box 13025, Baltimore, MD 21203-3025. Be sure to include your name and member number with your correspondence.

Q: Can I change my username?
A: Yes. Your new username must be 8-20 characters, include at least one letter and one number, and cannot include a space. We encourage you to include upper and lowercase letters, and one or more of the following special characters: ! @ # $ % * _ + = . , ^ -

Q: Who should I call with questions about Online Banking?

A: Call SECU's Contact Center during business hours, Monday - Friday, 8 am to 7 pm or Saturday, 9 am to 1 pm at 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328.

Every screen in the Account Access and Bill Pay services includes a HELP key. Detailed and easy-to-read HELP information is included for each type of transaction. You may also click on the word "email" in the message at the bottom of each HELP screen to send a question to SECU.

Q: Do I need any specific SECU account(s) to access Online Banking?
A: You must have a SECU Share Savings account for Online Banking access. A SECU Checking account is required for Bill Pay service.

Q: How do I view pending Scheduled Transfers?
A: To view all pending scheduled transfers, click the view/edit option under the transfers left navigation link. Your pending transfers will appear grouped using the from field.

Q: How do I edit a Scheduled Transfer?

A: You can edit a scheduled transfer from the scheduled transfers page.

  • Click the transfer funds link on the left.
  • Select view/edit.
  • From the scheduled transfers page, click on the ID number of any transfer. You will be taken to the edit screen. All the information for that transfer will be pre-filled. Simply edit the provided information, and then click submit to update the transfer. Please note, you cannot edit the from account or the frequency. Delete the transfer completely and create a new transfer if that field must be edited.

Q: How do I delete a Scheduled Transfer?

A: You can delete a scheduled transfer from the scheduled transfers page.

  • Click the transfer funds link in the left navigation.
  • Click view/edit.
  • Now, click on the ID number of a transfer. You will be taken to the edit screen. The delete button is located at the bottom of the page.

Q: How do I edit certain pending transfers?
A: You can only edit/delete transfers that have been set up online. For automatic loan payments or transfers to/from other financial institutions, please call 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328 or stop by any branch.

Q: When do the withdrawals and deposits of a scheduled transfer occur?

A: Withdrawals and deposits occur every business evening. If a scheduled transfer falls on a non-business day, then it will process on the following business day.

If, at the time of processing, it is determined that there are insufficient funds to complete the transfer, an attempt will be made to withdraw again on the next business day for up to 30 days. If a transfer cannot be completed after 30 attempts, it will be reset to the next transfer date. The exception to this are the one-time transfers which will attempt to transfer for up to four days.

Q: Are there any restrictions on which accounts I can schedule transfers to?
A: Some restrictions do apply. Only accounts available for transfer will appear in your account drop down list. For automatic transfers and other types of accounts (home loans, credit cards, etc.) please call 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328 or stop by any branch. You can always make immediate transfers to your home loans and credit card accounts.

Q: Do scheduled transfers from my savings count toward the six transactions per month allowed for Share Savings accounts?
A: No, scheduled transfers do not currently count toward the six allowed transactions per month.

Q: What happens on months with less than 31 days?
A: Transfers scheduled for a date that does not occur in that particular month will process on the next available business day. For example: if a monthly transfer is scheduled for the 31st of every month, the transfer will occur on the next available business day during months that do not have 31 days.

Online Banking Account Opening

Q: What accounts can be opened through the online account opening process?

A: Our most popular retail deposit products can be opened online:

Q: How are other deposit accounts and CD terms opened?
A: Other SECU retail deposit accounts and additional CD terms can be opened by calling 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328, via U.S. mail (using the forms available on our forms page) or at a branch.

Q: How can I fund my new SECU accounts online?

A: Existing members can fund new accounts by transferring funds from their existing accounts.

New members can fund their new accounts by charging a debit or credit card (including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover), debiting account with another financial institution via ACH, or by mailing in a check.

Q: How long does it take for the account to be opened and funded after I sign up for membership?

A: It depends on the type of funding used:

  • If the new account is funded via internal transfer from another SECU account, it will generally be opened and available the next business day (provided it was opened before 8:00 pm ET).
  • If the account is funded via ACH from another institution, you must first verify the two small transactions sent to your account with the other institution. You will receive an email requiring you to verify these two small transactions Save this e-mail; it includes the required verification procedures. Your account will be funded the next business day after that verification. Note, the two small transactions may take two to five days to appear in the account. If your new account is funded via check mailed to SECU, it will depend on the time it takes for us to receive your check.

Q: I funded my new account through ACH from another institution. I see the two test deposits made into my account with the other institution, but the account at SECU is not open.

A: The account at SECU will not be opened until you verify those two deposits.

Please save the confirmation email generated when you open a new account online. It includes the verification procedures for accounts funded via ACH.

Q: Is there a minimum age for online account opening?
A: Yes, you must be 18 or older to establish membership/open accounts online.

Q: Which services can members elect through Online Account Opening?

A: Any of the following:

  • Online Banking 
  • Expressline
  • Order paper checks (checking and money market accounts)
  • Request Visa Debit Card (checking and money market accounts)
  • Request Visa ATM card (savings accounts)
  • Sign up for debit card overdraft coverage (checking and money market accounts)

Q: Can members select their CD maturity dividend options?
A: Yes, you may do so online while opening the CD.

Q: Will the system provide PINs for those signing up for Online Banking at the same time as opening a new account?
A: No. At this time the system will not provide the Online Banking PIN with account opening.

Q: How do I open a business account?
A: SECU business accounts may be opened at your local branch or through a business banker. If you would like to be contacted by a business banker, please complete our short request form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Online Statements

Q: How do I sign up for Online Statements?

A: To receive Online Statements, you must be enrolled in Online Banking.

  • Log on to Online Banking.
  • Click on the "Online Statements/Notices" button.
  • Click on the "Statements" link.
  • Read the disclosure and follow the simple directions.
  • You will begin to receive your Online Statements within two statement cycles.

Q: How do I discontinue Online Statements and get paper statements mailed to me instead?
A: To discontinue online statements, use the "Cancel Online Statements" button in Online Banking.

Q: How far back do online statements go?
A: You can view up to 36 months of archived statements.

Bill Pay

Q: What is Online Bill Pay?
A: Online Bill Pay is a service that allows you to pay all your bills—to people and businesses—electronically through Online Banking. No need write checks or search for stamps. Your bills and records are in one secure location. You don’t need to remember multiple passwords, and you can see your current and past transactions in one spot. You can even have your monthly bills automatically imported into Bill Pay.

Q: How much does Bill Pay cost?
A: SECU's Bill Pay is free for all members.

Q: How do I sign up for Bill Pay?
A: Sign up for Online Banking. Click on the Bill Pay link in the left navigation bar and accept the terms and conditions.

Q: How quickly will my bills be paid?

A: Most bills are paid within two business days. If the payee is not one of the recognized providers on our system, and we mail a paper check, then it will take as long as the mail takes to deliver.

If you need a payment to go through within 24 hours, then you can expedite your payment for a $26 fee.

Q: Can I make a payment to anyone?
A: Common payees such as phone companies, power companies, credit card companies, and more are already loaded in the Bill Pay system.

Q: Who has access to my Bill Pay and funding account?
A: You are the only person who can authorize payments to be issued against your account. Our representatives only access your account information on a need-to-know basis and only with your approval.

Q: Is Bill Pay secure?
A: Bill Pay is highly secure and designed to fully safeguard the privacy and security of your financial information. Unlike normal Internet communication, all information sent to and from our processing center is encrypted and sent through a secure communications channel. Messages cannot be redirected, read, or tampered with. We also take advantage of the maximum level of security supported by your browser.

Q: Who authorizes payments?
>A: Only you can authorize payments. You have complete control over whom you are issuing a payment to, the exact payment amount, when the payment should be sent and whether to pay the bill at all. If you have a flat fee or recurring bill that you would like to have paid each month, then you can instruct us to make that payment automatically for you.

Q: How will I know when a bill has been paid?
A: A confirmation number indicates that the bill has been processed and paid, and it appears on your statement.

Q: What happens if my bill is not paid?
A: Please contact the Bill Pay service directly by calling 866-453-3548.

Q: How can I pay a bill from a different SECU Checking account?
A: You can change the funding account by selecting a different SECU Checking account from the "Pay from" dropdown within the Bill Pay screen (Note: the account must be approved from SECU).

Q: How can I change the default Bill Pay funding account?
A: If you have multiple SECU personal Checking accounts, you can change your default Bill Pay funding account from the Bill Pay screen under the "Funding Accounts" tab. When you click on "Change" to finalize the new default Bill Pay funding account, a pop-up message will be displayed letting you know this will apply to scheduled and future Bill Pay payments. Click "OK" to accept this change or "Cancel" to return to the previous screen.

Person-to-Person Payments

Q: What are Account to Account payments?

A:Account to Account or “A2A” payments are a means by which members can send money electronically to family members, friends, pay service providers, etc. There is no need to send cash or checks.

Members can set up anyone with a valid U.S. deposit account as a payee in Bill Pay. You can then use our Bill Pay service to send money directly from your SECU account to your payee’s bank account. Payees need only a valid U.S. deposit account to receive money.

Q: What is the cost?
A: The service is free for SECU members.

Q: How do I use the service?

A: Log in to SECU’sBill Pay service. Then follow the processes below:

  • Add your intended recipient the same way you do other payees in Bill Pay.
  • Select “Send Money Online”.
  • Select “To Account Payment” and enter the payee’s bank routing number, account number, and address.
  • Enter the amount to pay and pay just like any other Bill Pay payment.

Q: How long does it take for payments to be delivered?
A: Payments will be delivered the next business day.

Q: Is there an option to select a faster payment method? Is there a fee for that?
A: Expedited Payments are available for Account-to-Account Transfers, and the fee is $26.

Q: Who is eligible to make Person-to-Person payments?
A: Anyone who uses SECU online Bill Pay is eligible to make account to account electronic payments.

Q: Can I send money to someone outside the U.S.?
A: No, members can send money only to individuals with valid U.S. accounts.

Q: What is the minimum/maximum amount of transfer required/allowed?

A: There is no minimum amount. The maximum amount is $9,999.99 per business day.

Q: What do I do if I accidentally send money to the wrong person?
A:Call SECU for assistance following normal Bill Pay dispute procedures.

Q: Can I request monthly statements/reports for this service?
A: You have the option of requesting a statement CD. Otherwise, payments will be included on your regular monthly statement and on Online Banking in the same manner as other Bill Pay payments.

Q: Can I set up reoccurring/scheduled transfers?
A: Recurring Payments can be scheduled for account to account transfers.

Q: What is the process for canceling a payment?
A: A payment can be cancelled up to the time it begins processing. Once in process, it cannot be cancelled.

Q: Is this service available through Mobile Banking?
A: Yes, account to account transfer payees can be enabled for Mobile Banking in the same way you set up your other Bill Pay payees.

Q: Can I save the payee’s information so I can make additional payments to the same account?
A: Yes. Once you set up a payee, they are automatically saved to your Bill Pay list.

Q: What is the process for disputing a fraudulent payment?
A: A member with a fraudulent payment should contact our Security Department at 410-487-7443 for assistance. Security will attempt to recover the funds when possible.

My Deposit

Q: What is My Deposit?
A: My Deposit is a service that allows you to deposit checks directly into your SECU personal Checking, Savings, or Money Market accounts from your home or office. Using your internet-connected computer and personal scanner, checks can be conveniently deposited with just a few simple steps.

Q: Who is eligible for My Deposit?

A: To qualify for My Deposit, members must be in good standing, have a personal SECU Checking account, be a member for at least 30 days, and have activated Online Banking.

The My Deposit service is not available for business members. For their needs, we offer a business-specific Remote Deposit Capture service with more of the special features our Business members require.

Q: Do I need a special scanner?

A: No. My Deposit works with most TWAIN-compliant scanners except wireless scanners, network scanners, travel scanners, and/or duplex multi document scanners. Almost all scanners manufactured within the last five years are TWAIN compliant, including most all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machines.

Q: What types of SECU accounts accept My Deposit?
A: You may deposit funds into any of your SECU personal Checking or Savings accounts, including Money Market accounts.

Q: What do I need to use My Deposit?

A: You will need the following:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Scanner directly connected to your PC or Mac (wireless scanners do not work)
  • Web Browser security set to allow cookies from third parties
  • Pop-up blockers disabled

PC users will need:

  • Windows XP® with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista™, or Windows 7™
  • Internet Explorer 8+ (Note: Internet Explorer 64 bit is not supported), Chrome 10+, or Firefox 3.6+
  • Web Browser security set to allow cookies from third parties
  • Pop-up blockers disabled

MAC users will need:

  • OS 10.6.6 or laterSafari 5+ or Firefox 4.0+

Q: Can I use My Deposit with my iPad?
A: My Deposit is for personal computer and scanners only. However, you may use an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone with our Mobile Deposit service in Mobile Banking.

Q: Is My Deposit secure?
A: Yes, My Deposit is located within Online Banking, which requires a unique username and password.

Q: How do I access My Deposit?

A: When you log into Online Banking, you will see the My Deposit icon in the left hand navigation beneath your menu options.

Click on the icon to open My Deposit. Accept the Terms and Conditions presented, and follow the prompts to get started.

Q: What if I don’t have the My Deposit icon?
A: This means that you currently do not qualify for My Deposit. To qualify for My Deposit, you must have an active SECU Checking account, be a member in good standing, have been a member for at least 30 days, and have activated Online Banking.

Q: What types of checks may I deposit through My Deposit?
A:My Deposit allows you to deposit only single-party, domestic checks payable to a person. Checks payable to a business or estate, Savings Bonds, traveler’s checks, foreign checks, third party checks, items stamped with "non-negotiable”, incomplete checks, stale-dated or “post-dated" checks, any checks that contain evidence of alteration to the information, checks purported to be a lottery or prize winning, and checks previously submitted for deposit are not acceptable for My Deposit.

Q: When will my deposit be credited to my account?

A: The first $500 of your deposit is immediately available. The balance of deposits in excess of $500 will be available on the second business day after your deposit.

Please note that deposit amounts may be adjusted up to two business days after a deposit is made.

Q: What fees are charged to use My Deposit?

A: SECU’s My Deposit service is free to members.

Please note there may be a fee for checks deposited that are later returned.

Q: What should I do with the check once it has been scanned?
A: Store your check(s) in a safe place until you receive confirmation in Online Banking that your deposit has been accepted. You should wait 90 days to ensure both SECU and the issuing institution honor the check. Then destroy the check by shredding or another commercially acceptable means of data destruction.

Q: How do I know that my check was submitted for deposit?

A: The quickest way to verify your deposit is to go into Online Banking or Mobile Banking and see the deposit credited to your account.

Additionally, with My Deposit, you can have an email confirmation sent to you or print a receipt that includes a deposit receipt confirmation number and a copy of the check deposited.

Q: I tried to launch My Deposit from Online Banking, but nothing happened.

A: Check that your pop-up blockers are disabled. In order to use My Deposit, you must allow pop ups.

You may see a yellow Information Bar at the top of your browser notifying you that the pop up blockers are enabled and providing a link to disable them.

Q: The scanner cuts off edges of my check/won’t size the check correctly.
A: Sometimes scanners have a hard time determining the edges of a check if the check is a light color with no border, especially when the scanner lid is white. To resolve this, place a dark colored piece of paper behind the check or use a dark marker to place a dot in all four corners of your check.

Q: What do I do if my check is rejected in My Deposit?

A: Double check the following:

  • All check images are correctly cropped.
  • The MICR line (the bottom portion of the check that includes your account number and SECU’s routing number) is fully visible.
  • There is space between the MICR line and the edge of the image.
  • The check’s front image is right side up and the check’s back endorsement is above the arrow on the right.
  • The check number, payee, endorsement, character (numeric) amount, legal (written) amount, and MICR line are all readable.

If the check continues to be rejected, bring it to one of our imaging ATMs or branches for deposit.

Q: Where can I find more help?
A: My Deposit has a robust help library. Simply click on the “help” link in the top right of all My Deposit screens.

Multi Factor Authentication

Q: What is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)?
A: MFA is a service that enhances the online banking experience and allows for easier and faster access to accounts on trusted devices such as iPads and smart phones.

Q: How will SECU’s MFA system affect my online banking experience?

A: There are several benefits the new MFA service will provide that increase security and add convenience throughout your online banking experience, such as:

  • With the new MFA service, there is no longer a need for Flash software in the "Log In" section. This means you will be able to log in from all of your devices such as iPads, mobile devices, and Mac computers.
  • MFA also allows you to access your accounts more quickly by offering a "remember this device" feature. When the box checked, you will not be presented with security questions upon Log In.

Q: Why does the Online Banking Log In section look different?
A: The new ‘Log In’ section no longer utilizes Flash content. You will notice that when you press the backspace/delete key once, for example, it will only delete a single character for the username or password instead of deleting all of the characters at once. This is an improved and intentional functionality. Also, the ‘Log In’ section is now compatible with screen readers used by the visually impaired.

Q: How can I enroll into MFA?
A: There is no special enrollment process or additional steps that you have to take. Just enjoy SECU Online Banking as you normally do!

Q: How does the new security work?

A: When you log in to Online Banking, the MFA service will learn the device (computer, tablets, or mobile device) and browser being used.

You can also “remember this device” to your profile. If this checkbox is checked, then the system will consider it as a trusted device and you may be asked for less additional verification in future. However, if a different browser on the same computer, or a different computer, is used to access Online Banking, then you will be presented with the option to ‘register a computer’ to your account again.

Q: What if I don’t remember the answers to my security questions?
A: Please call us at 410-487-7328 to reset the answers to your security questions.

Q: Can I access my accounts from multiple devices?
A: Yes, you can still access your Online Banking accounts from any number of devices. If you are accessing your Online Banking from a new computer or browser, then you will be asked to answer one of your security questions and given an opportunity to ‘remember this device’.

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