Card Fraud

According to a recent survey, 46% of Americans have had their credit card information compromised in the past 5 years. 21% have had to deal with debit card fraud. In 2016, losses to credit card fraud topped $24.7 billion worldwide.

While the EMV chip technology, which is found on all SECU Visa credit and debit cards, helps cut down on fraud, we are still seeing reports of compromised cards. Here are some things you can do to help minimize your risk and minimize financial loss due to fraud:

  • Report lost or stolen cards to the card issuer immediately.
  • Review your account statements carefully and frequently. Log-in to your online banking portal regularly to monitor activity. Contact us or the card issuer about any suspicious charges as soon as possible.
  • Shred statements or receipts that include your card number.
  • Always make sure of the total on your credit card receipt. Don’t sign a receipt if the total is blank or there are blank spaces.
  • Only shop online at known, reputable companies who offer a secure connection for payment.
  • Cancel and destroy unused credit and debit cards.
  • Shred all credit card solicitations you receive in the mail.
  • Avoid sharing credit card information over the phone.
  • Look for skimmers at ATMs, gas stations, or any other place you swipe your card. Skimmers are devices installed over the regular swiping mechanism to collect your card details.

If you find that one of your SECU accounts has been compromised, please contact us immediately at 800-879-7328.

If you suspect fraudulent activity specifically on your SECU Visa Credit Card, please call 800-344-6501 immediately.

You can also use our Debit Card Fraud Form to report fraudulent activity on your account.