ATM Security

How to keep your information safe at the ATM.

Fraudsters will go to great lengths to get your personal information. A place of vulnerability is the ATM, which could either be located in a branch or at places you frequent, such as gas stations or drug stores.

Always remain vigilant when using an ATM regardless of its location. Keep these tips in mind when using any ATM:

  • Be aware of skimmers. These are devices that are placed over the regular swiping mechanism or actually inside the machine that collects your card details. If something doesn’t seem right about the machine, move on to another.
  • Cover your hand as much as possible when punching in your PIN. Watch for people standing too close who might be trying to see your PIN.
  • Keep your information private. Don’t share your PIN or other sensitive account access information with others.
  • Remain vigilant when using an ATM. Watch your surroundings and call 911 if you see anything suspicious. Trust your instincts!

How can I report ATM fraud?

If you find that one of your SECU accounts has been compromised, please contact us immediately at 800-879-7328.

You may also fill out our ATM Fraud Form to report fraudulent activity on your account.