Why you Should Become a Member at SECU

We could go on and on about why you should choose SECU and how easy it is to join, but first, a bit about us. Pronounced see-cue, we’re not a bank, but a not-for-profit credit union—a safer, smarter banking alternative with way better benefits.

SECU is Maryland’s largest credit union with 25 branches throughout Maryland and 50,000+ free ATMs nationwide. Plus, you’ll have full access to your accounts through mobile and online banking.

Becoming a SECU member is simple

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Gone are the days when you had to be a Maryland state employee to join SECU. With more than 1,900 ways to join, you may be eligible through a family member, work, the college you attended, an organization you are affiliated with or simply through a one-time donation to SECU MD Foundation.

Find your SECU Connection


Step 2: Choose Your Account

We offer a full set of traditional financial services like checkingsavingscredit cardsloansinsurance, and business banking.

We require you to open a $10 savings account along with any new account to establish your membership, which will automatically be set up during the account opening process. Once you join SECU, you’re a member for life, as long as you maintain at least a $10 balance in your savings account.

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Step 3: Open Your Account

Open your new account online today or set up a virtual or in-person appointment if you’d rather be helped by a Member Advisor. The choice is yours.

Ready to Join? To start taking advantage of all SECU has to offer, make your account selection below.

Ready to Join?

To open a SECU Checking, Savings, CD or Money Market account – click here to get started online or schedule an appointment.

If you are interested in a lending product, select it below and start your application:

What you’ll find at SECU.

Lifetime Ownership

As a credit union, our members are also part owners. So you have a say in the future of SECU, and you’re welcome to stay for life.

Lower Rates, Fewer Fees

Unlike the big banks, when we make money it comes back to you through lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, and fewer & lower fees.

Virtual Financial Center

Online banking just got easier. Here, you can do most of your day-to-day banking, set up virtual appointments, chat with Member Advisors, and so much more.

Dedication to Community

We would be nothing without our local community, so we keep our business here and give back in meaningful ways.

Trusted Advice

Our member advisors do what’s right for you, every time. That means they take the time to understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Digital Banking

All of the modern banking conveniences are here: bill pay, check deposits, money transfers, you name it—it can all be done from your mobile device.

Not-For-Profit Banking

This is how we bring you lower rates and fewer fees. We have absolutely no financial relationships or investments with any brokerage firm.

Free Financial Support

Your overall financial wellness is our focus. That’s why we offer free services to help you learn to budget, improve your credit score, plan for retirement, and more.