Certificate of Deposit

You worked hard for your money. Now make it work hard for you with a SECU Certificate of Deposit (CD) – a special savings account that offers higher rates than traditional savings or Money Market accounts based on the term, which ranges from 3 months to 5 years.

A SECU CD is the perfect solution if you want to earn market-leading interest rates and don’t need to access the funds right away.

Earn even more interest on a 12 month CD** by opening a SECU TotalTM Checking & Rewards account, which offers cash back*** and bonus credit card rewards**** on points-eligible cards.

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12-month JUMBO CD

2.00% APY*

24-month JUMBO CD

2.50% APY*

12-month Gold CD

2.25% APY*

Requires a SECU TotalTM Checking & Rewards account at Gold level.

12-month Platinum CD

2.50% APY*

Requires a SECU TotalTM Checking & Rewards account at Platinum level.

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Our member services team is ready to answer any questions you have and to assist with opening your CD and any SECU account.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. This page is updated regularly.

**12 Month Gold and 12 Month Platinum CDs are only available to members that have a SECU Total™️ Checking & Rewards account that qualified for the Gold or Platinum rewards level in the last 3 months and must be opened in a branch, Virtual Financial Center or via mail.

***Debit Cash Back: requires 12 or more debit purchases per month, including Point of Sale and monthly subscription payments using your debit card (i.e. bill pay and gym memberships, etc.). Gold: 1% of your first $1,000 in purchases per month (max of $10/month); Platinum: 2% of your first $1,000 in purchases per month (max of $20/month). The cash back will post to your checking account on the last day of the month and will appear as “Debit Card Cash Back – Interest Adjustment” on your statement. Debit cash back is considered interest and will generate a 1099.

****Bonus Credit Card Rewards: Platinum offers bonus credit card rewards when you make at least 12 credit card purchases per month with a SECU Visa®️ credit card. Points-eligible cards will receive 1,000 bonus points per month. Cash back cards will receive $10 per month. Bonus rewards will appear in your ScoreCard account in the following month.

APY yield is accurate as of . Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Fees may reduce the earnings on the accounts. Rates are subject to Change without notice prior to the issuance of the certificate.

The minimum deposit for Jumbo CDs is $100,000.