Deposit Secured Loans

Borrow without worry.

Deposit secured loan rates are lower than traditional loans because we hold the collateral at SECU.

You can use your SECU Share Savings, Money Manager Money Market account or Certificate of Deposit as collateral for a deposit secured loan.

Certain accounts may not be used as collateral:

  • Your Individual Retirement Account, SEP and Keogh plans are not eligible as collateral.
  • A joint owner of a Share Savings, Money Manger or CD may not borrow against the owner’s account.
  • An adult custodian on a Custodial Account may not borrow against the primary owner’s account.
  • REMEMBER: If you use your Share Savings account as collateral, allow $10 extra to remain on deposit to maintain your SECU membership.

Choose from these convenient payment options:

  • Transfer funds from your SECU checking account to your loan account via Online Banking, OR through Bank by Phone 24-hour banking, OR at any SECU ATM.
  • Have your payment automatically deducted from your SECU checking account.
  • Mail your payment with the loan payment coupons we provided.