Traveling Smart: How to Save Money and Still Enjoy a Summer Vacation

July 5, 2024

As Maryland millennials strive to balance debt repayment and saving for significant investments like a home, they face the challenge of allocating funds for summer vacations. Surveys reveal a divided sentiment regarding travel spending this year, with many individuals considering taking on debt to fund their trips.

However, with rising travel costs and the temptation to overspend on unforgettable experiences, it’s crucial to strike a balance between enjoying life’s adventures and maintaining financial stability. In this blog, we’ll share strategies to allocate funds for travel while also saving money during each adventure. From budgeting effectively to uncovering hidden savings opportunities, we’ll explore how to approach summer travel as a mindful investment in experiences without sacrificing long-term financial goals.

Achieving Long-Term Stability While Enjoying Short-Term Joys

This year, with 47% of Americans opting out of vacation spending, it’s clear that many are focusing on debt repayment or saving for future investments like a home.

These tips offer a roadmap for crafting a budget that lets you make progress on your big financial goals while still planning for exciting adventures down the road.

  • Establish Clear Budget Goals: Define a precise amount for summer activities without compromising financial priorities. Use the 50/30/20 budgeting rule, dividing income into essentials (50%), discretionary spending (30%), and savings/debt repayment (20%).
  • Evaluate the Opportunity Cost: Consider the trade-offs of each dollar spent on summer activities against its potential to fuel debt repayment or savings. Delaying non-essential purchases can prioritize your financial objectives.
  • Plan and Save in Advance: Anticipate summer vacation expenses ahead of time to prevent overspending. Allocate a portion of income monthly specifically for summer pursuits, ensuring adequate funds when needed.
  • Regular Check-Ins and Financial Wellness: Continuously reassess your goals and ensure your spending and savings align with them. As priorities shift over time, maintain ongoing discussions with family, partners, or financial experts to adjust your budget accordingly. These regular check-ins offer opportunities to realign your goals, fine-tune your financial strategy, and stay motivated toward achieving your aspirations.

Strategies for Saving Money on Summer Travel

Fortunately, summer travel doesn’t have to break the bank. With strategic planning and a bit of creativity, you can enjoy memorable vacations without overspending.

Here’s a closer look at how to save money on summer travel.

Explore Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations in Maryland

  • Camping: Consider destinations that offer affordable accommodations, activities, and dining. Explore areas like Deep Creek Lake, perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping and lake activities. Opt for camping near Ocean City to enjoy beach fun without the expense of hotels.
  • Hiking: Explore trails, enjoy picnics, and spot wildlife in picturesque settings like Patapsco Valley State Park, Cunningham Falls State Park, or Green Ridge State Forest.
  • Historic Communities: Delve into Maryland’s rich history and coastal charm by planning staycations in towns like Annapolis, Kent Island, St. Mary’s City, or Berlin. Explore historic landmarks, stroll along waterfronts, and indulge in local cuisine without straining your budget.

Escape the Crowds: Off-Season Destinations for Marylanders

Consider destinations that offer unique attractions and activities even outside of their peak seasons.

  • Ski Resorts: Discover the beauty of Maryland’s ski resort destinations like Wisp Resort in McHenry or Liberty Mountain Resort in Carroll Valley during the summer months. Enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and zip-lining at a fraction of the cost compared to peak winter season rates.
  • National Parks: Explore more natural wonders close to home by visiting national parks like Catoctin Mountain Park, Assateague Island National Seashore, or the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. Visiting outside of peak times allows for a more intimate experience of  the land, with more opportunities to rejuvenate yourself in the great outdoors.
  • Coastal Towns: Escape to Maryland’s charming coastal towns for an exciting getaway. Explore sandy beaches and the vibrant nightlife of Ocean City’s boardwalk, or venture to Solomons Island for a quiet and serene retreat.

Save for Your Dream Adventures

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