Mobile Banking FAQ

Which browser and devices are supported?

We encourage you to use the latest version available for the browser of your liking on your desktop or laptop computer. Here are the current support guidelines:

  • Browser: Last 2 major versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari
  • iOS: Last 2 major versions
  • Android: v7 and higher

Why don’t I have the option for SMS (text) alerts when I’m setting up new notifications?

You need to authorize your phone for SMS text alerts first. You can enable it by going to the Mobile Number field under “Contact Information”.

How can I enroll in online banking if I am not currently enrolled?

You can sign up for Online Banking here.

How do I setup a new member-to-member transfer?

From the transfers widget, choose the “Detailed” tab. Then choose “Transfer to another SECU member (on mobile, the “Add Account” button will be located in the top right corner). You will need the recipients last name and their account number.

I’m trying to send funds to another SECU member and am getting a message that they are not found and I’m positive that the last name and account number are correct?

The SECU member you are sending money to also has to be a current online banking user. Once they’ve registered, you’ll be able to send funds directly to them

Who can I contact for help?

For more information about online or mobile banking, you can send us a message from your message center speak with one of our online and mobile banking specialists by calling 855-748-6132.

Do I have to use Fingerprint Access?

Fingerprint Access is not mandatory. It’s an added feature that enhances the security of your accounts on your mobile device.

Technical Support

Why can’t I see my SECU credit card rewards on my mobile device?

You can view your account details and transactions from both your desktop and mobile devices. However, the ability to view your rewards is only available on desktop at this time. Please log-in to online banking from your desktop to view your SECU credit card rewards. They can be found by clicking on your credit card then the “Statements & Payments” tab.

How do I pay my SECU credit card payment in online and mobile banking?

Log-in to online or mobile banking and go to ‘Transfers’ and then ‘Detailed’ tab. From here you can select an account to make the payment from and to.

If you are looking to pay from a non-SECU account, this can only be done through desktop at this time. Log-in to online banking and go to your credit card account details page. From there, click on Statements & Payments. This will lead you to the page where you can make your credit card payment.

How do I elect my overdraft preference on my debit card?

This feature is only available via our desktop version at this time. Log-in to online banking and go to ‘Overdraft’ from here you can opt-in or opt-out. If you do not have access to a desktop or mobile web(through your phone’s browser rather than the app) version, you can call us or visit one of our Financial Centers to set your overdraft preference.

I cannot download the new app on my android device.

In order to download the new SECU Mobile Banking app, your device must be running Android 7.0 (or later versions).

Mobile users may also log into the online banking through the SECU homepage to take advantage of our mobile web online banking experience.

For additional assistance or questions, please call us at 855-748-6132.