Adjustable-Rate Mortgages for Jumbo Loans

An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, is a type of home loan that allows you to lock in a low interest rate for the first 5 to 7 years of the loan—after which your rate is periodically adjusted. SECU’s ARM jumbo loans are attractive to buyers seeking a higher-priced home with predictably low payments to start.

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5/5 ARM Jumbo Purchase Program

  • Loan amount of $650,000 to $2,000,000
  • Below-market rate for first 5 years
  • Adjusted rate every 5 years thereafter
  • Initial cap is 2% / lifetime cap is 6%
  • 30-year, fully amortized loan


  • For primary residence purchase only
  • 20% down payment
  • 720+ credit score

7/1 ARM Jumbo Purchase Program

  • Loan amount of $650,000 to $2,000,000
  • Below-market rate for first 7 years
  • Adjusted rate every 1 year thereafter
  • Initial cap is 5% / lifetime cap is 5%
  • 30-year, fully amortized loan


  • For primary residence purchase only
  • 20% down payment
  • 720+ credit score

Enjoy the best ARM rates (and service) around.

  • Better-than-competitive rates. We’re committed to offering our 5/5 and 7/1 ARMs at the lowest market rate available. If another bank in the SECU market offers a better rate, we promise to lower ours.
  • 100% local. When you’re ready to buy, you won’t want to wait. Our underwriting, processing, and loan servicing are all local—which means faster decisions and loan approval.
  • Concierge-level service. Your designated two-person Mortgage Loan team will guide you through each step of your home-buying journey. It’s our job to ensure you get answers to every question, understand every option, and feel confident with your borrowing decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for an adjustable-rate jumbo mortgage loan?

Is your dream home in the $812,500 to $2,500,000 range? Do you expect to have the means to be able to absorb the rate adjustment(s) or refinance the loan beforehand—or are you planning to sell before that time? If you answered yes to these questions, our ARM jumbo purchase program may be a good fit.

What is the difference between an adjustable-rate mortgage and a fixed-rate mortgage?

With a fixed-rate mortgage your rate stays the same for the life of the loan, typically 15 or 30 years. With an ARM, your rate and payment are consistent throughout the introductory period, but are adjusted periodically after the introductory period ends. ARMs usually have lower rates than fixed-rate mortgages.

How does a SECU adjustable-rate mortgage work?

Our ARM loans work by giving you a lower rate than you could typically get with a fixed-rate loan. That rate stays the same for the first 5 or 7 years (depending on whether you choose a 5/5 ARM or 7/1 ARM). Because your rate is below market and does not change during the introductory period, you will enjoy several years of predictably low payments. After the introductory period, we will adjust your rate every 5 years for a 5/5 ARM with a lifetime cap of 6% over the start rate, or every year for a 7/1 ARM with a lifetime cap of 5% over the start rate.

Will my mortgage payment change after the introductory period?

Yes, your mortgage payment will go up or down, depending on the terms of your loan agreement and whether interest rates have gone up or down at the time of the adjustment.

How do I qualify for an ARM?

The minimum requirements for our 5/5 and 7/1 jumbo ARM loans are a 20% down payment and 720+ credit score, and the loan must be for the purchase of a primary residence. Factors such as income and debt are also considered during the loan application process. Get pre-approved for mortgage loan or talk to a SECU Mortgage Loan Officer today.

Do you have a mortgage calculator?

Our mortgage calculators help you estimate how much you can borrow, mortgage payments, closing costs, down payment, and more.

Do you offer ARMs for smaller loan amounts or for different lengths of time?

Yes! Learn about all of our mortgage loans, or contact a SECU Mortgage Loan Officer to discuss which option may be right for you.