How to Switch Your Direct Deposit to SECU

SECU Streamlines Direct Deposits with New Automated Online Banking Tool (Video)

July 3, 2024

To improve the member experience, SECU has added a new tool in online banking to help members set up or change their payroll direct deposit to their SECU account. The new tool removes a common pain point for members, who can now easily set up direct deposit themselves through our online banking system.

How Does the Automated Direct Deposit Tool Work?

Members can access the new tool by logging into online banking and navigating to Direct Deposit Setup under the Accounts tab. They will be prompted to select their employer or employer’s payroll provider (such as Paychex or ADP). There are currently over 40,000 employers and payroll providers connected to the system.

Once they find their employer or payroll provider, they will login into the system using their employee credentials. From there, they will complete a few simple prompts to complete the process. The system will send a confirmation once the set up or change is complete. It can take up to two pay periods to take effect.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

Using direct deposit is easy, convenient, and safe, giving people immediate access to their employer paychecks.

Once the paycheck has been deposited, members can choose to automatically transfer funds into other accounts or set up bill pay so they never miss paying a bill. With direct deposit, there is no need for paper checks or to make trips to the bank.

Establishing direct deposit also helps SECU Total™ Checking and Rewards account holders meet the requirements of the silver, gold, and platinum levels, unlocking benefits including additional interest on CDs and cash back on debit card purchases.

We are pleased to offer this new tool to support our members’ evolving financial services needs.

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