A Day of Kindness Felt throughout Maryland

October 25, 2023

SECU believes that kindness can inspire transformational change in our communities, which is why each October, our team hosts a month-long Kindness Campaign. The goal? To spread kindness one small act at a time, which creates a ripple effect of kindness that touches people throughout our state and beyond, making the world a kinder place. This year we set an ambitious goal to spread 500,000 acts of kindness during our 2023 Kindness Campaign.

Day of Kindness

As part of our commitment to Kindness, SECU and the SECU Maryland Foundation designate a Day of Kindness , which took place on October 9 this year. The SECU team was given the day off to participate in organized volunteer activities that supported over 20 local non-profit organizations representing a variety of causes.

While we had a goal to spread 150,000 acts of kindness on our Day of Kindness, the SECU team showed just how much spreading kindness means to us by completing 179,067 acts of kindness! We alsologged 2,856 volunteer hours.

Here are the ways we spread kindness in our communities on our Day of Kindness:

  • 5,500 Meals Packaged
  • 1,200 Snack Bags Packaged
  • 1,200 Pieces of Sports Equipment Sorted
  • 330 Notes of Encouragement Written
  • 300 Cookies Baked
  • 300 Tools Sorted
  • 330 Notes of Encouragement Written
  • 275 Art Supply Projects Prepped
  • 38 Fleece Blankets Made
  • 125 Thanksgiving Notes Created
  • 150 Thank you Notes Written
  • 68 Kindness Books Donated
  • 4,500 Books Sorted
  • 125 Bookmarks Made
  • 30 Dog Toys Made
  • 80 Dogs and Cats Cared For
  • 10 Rooms Painted
  • 5 Houses Cleaned and Remodeled
  • 20 Trees Planted and Mulched

Watch the SECU team in action spreading kindness:

Kindness Continues to Spread

While our Day of Kindness was inspirational, our team is not done yet. We will continue to spread kindness in the coming weeks through activities including a pumpkin patch for patients at Kennedy Krieger Institute. We will also be out and about with kindness sprinkles, where we will surprise people at local coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores by paying for their order.

Be Part of the Kindness Movement

We set an ambitious kindness goal this year and you can help. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, makes the world a better place. Please join our campaign and spread kindness. Here are some ways you can spread kindness:

You can also visit our Kindness website or stop by a SECU financial center for more ideas and inspiration on spreading kindness. Be sure to record your act of kindness on our Kindness Tracker and also share your acts of kindness on social media using the hashtag #SECUKindness.

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