Social Media Guidelines

Our members come first- that’s why we have an active social media presence to better serve you. We expect everyone to be respectful of other users to not only maintain a healthy social community, but also to protect your privacy. By using or accessing SECU’s social community, you agree to these guidelines. If you are looking for assistance, you can call our Contact Center at 1-800-879-7328, or privately message us on Facebook or Twitter.

Because our social media accounts are public and anyone can participate, we cannot be responsible for any views expressed other than our own. To foster positive, proactive discussions, we expect everyone to:

  • Be respectful of others, stay on topic, and use common courtesy when posting
  • Refrain from posting personal and confidential information about yourself or anyone else (including account numbers, social security numbers, PINs, addresses, etc.)
  • Private message us if you would like to discuss a personal matter with your accounts
  • Avoid the use of profanity and inappropriate language
  • Abstain from the slanderous or defamatory use of an employee’s or other individual’s name, and discriminatory or hateful speech of any kind regarding age, gender, race, religion, nationality, etc.

These pages are moderated by SECU employees. All comments and posts will be reviewed to ensure they comply with our above guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any posts that do not fit these community guidelines. We will also strive to provide prompt replies to posts on our page. On average, replies will be posted within 24 business hours Monday through Friday, or by the next business day during the weekend. However, we cannot guarantee that we will reply to every comment. For more immediate assistance, please call our Contact Center.

Member Service Inquiries

You are able to privately communicate with us through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. These conversations are private, and are not visible to anyone else on social media. Please note that SECU will never ask you for confidential or personal information through any of our social media channels. If we require additional information, you will be contacted by phone by a SECU representative. Please note that Instagram and YouTube are not channels that we will provide direct communication through to individual users at this time.

Social media is not our primary source of member service, nor is it a substitute channel for general questions and information. Before seeking assistance through these channels, please call our Contact Center to have your questions answered or issues resolved in a timely manner. You can also review our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common inquiries.

Our social channels may not be used to report any suspicious or criminal activity. If you receive an unsolicited email claiming to be SECU, or you think you have been a victim of fraud, please visit our Privacy & Fraud Protection page.

Additional Policies

SECU reserves the right to ban any user or remove any comments made to our social channels without prior written notice or consent for violations of community policies and guidelines. Furthermore, any user comments we find criminal or violent in nature may be reported to the proper authorities.

We may occasionally post links to third-party websites when we think you may find the articles or information helpful to your financial future. Please note that this does not constitute an official endorsement of the site or company.

By posting comments, photos, videos, ideas, and additional content to our social channels, you are granting SECU the rights to republish, redistribute, and use this content in perpetuity in any way we see fit. This includes marketing and advertising materials.