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    Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to use Fingerprint Access?

  • Fingerprint Access is not mandatory. It’s an added feature that enhances the security of your accounts on your mobile device.

Which browser and devices are supported?

  • We encourage you to use the latest version available for the browser of your liking on your desktop or laptop computer. In addition, all Android and iOS devices are compatible with our online and mobile banking experience

Why don't I have the option for SMS (text) alerts when I'm setting up new notifications?

  • You need to authorize your phone for SMS text alerts first. You can enable it by going to the Mobile Number field under "Contact Information".

How can I enroll in online banking if I am not currently enrolled?

How do I setup a new member-to-member transfer?

  • From the transfers widget, choose "Detailed Transfers" and in the "To" account, click the "Add Account" button (on mobile, the "Add Account" button will be located in the top right corner).

Who can I contact for help?

  • For more information about this upgrade, you can speak with one of our online and mobile banking specialists by calling 800-879-7328.

Technical Support

Why can't I see my SECU credit card rewards on my mobile device?

The new online and mobile banking platform offers enhanced functionality for SECU credit card holders. You can now view your account details and transactions from both your desktop and mobile devices. However, the ability to view your rewards is only available on desktop at this time. Please log-in to online banking from your desktop to view your SECU credit card rewards.  They can be found by clicking on your credit card then the “Statements & Payments” tab.  

Why is my Mint account information incorrect or not working?

Once you log-in to the new online and mobile banking platform, it could take up to five business days for your Mint account to update.  There is nothing you need to do, as this is just part of the system processes. Please check back after five business days to see your Mint account information.

I can’t access my Quicken from the new online and mobile banking platform.

Please see the Quicken Conversion Guides (below), which will guide you through how to access your Quicken and QuickBooks.

Why can’t I use my scanner for deposits?

Check deposits can be made via the mobile app. Simply take a picture of your check with your mobile device to make your deposit. Scanners for the desktop are not yet supported in the new online and mobile banking platform.

How do I elect my overdraft preference on my debit card?

Please visit your nearest SECU branch to elect your overdraft preferences on your debit card.

I tried to login to the new app and my current Username/Password does not work.

Please make sure that you have been prompted to download the new SECU banking app through email or your current version of the SECU App before trying to login. If you have not been prompted to upgrade your user name and password will not work.

This upgrade will happen in waves and you'll receive a communication telling you when you'll go through the process.

I cannot download the new app on my android device.

In order to download the new SECU Mobile Banking app, your device must be running Android 6.0 (or later versions).
Mobile users may also log into the online banking through the SECU homepage to take advantage of our mobile web online banking experience.

I'm having trouble logging in with my fingerprint on my Android device.

We're aware that this is an issue and are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Our team is working hard to fix this for you as soon as possible. Check back here for any updates.

I’m unable to make payments to some of my bill payment payees.

Some payees using special characters (ex. a slash in the name) are receiving an error when attempting to schedule a payment. We are working quickly to resolve this issue and we apologize for any inconvenience.

For additional assistance or questions, please call 800-879-7328.