Below are links to PDF forms that are available to download and print. Forms marked with an asterisk (*) are also available for online submission or e-signature.


Credit & Debit Card Forms

Credit Card Automatic Loan Payment Authorization and Agreement (ACH)
Credit and Debit Card Fraud Claim(PDF)*  
ATM Fraud Form
Visa Debit and Credit Card Dispute


Direct Deposit Forms

Enrollment (Federal Employees)
Enrollment (State Employees)


Fees & Regulations Documents

Agreements and Disclosures Booklet
Business Agreements and Disclosures Booklet
What You Should Know About Overdrafts
Fee Schedule
Business Fee Schedule


Account Management Forms

Check Stop Payment
Stop Payment Request (PDF)*
Consumer Automatic Loan Payment Authorization and Agreement (ACH)
Mortgage Automatic Loan Payment Authorization and Agreement (ACH)
Due Date/Payment Frequency Change Request (Personal and Vehicle Loans only)
Business Wire Transfer Agreement
Change of Address
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization  
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization (PDF)  
Handling a Deceased Member’s Estate, Assets, and Debts
Payroll Deduction
Change of Name
W-8BEN Tax Withholding
Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (ACH)(PDF)

Real Estate Loan Payoff Request
Consumer Loan Payoff Request



Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

Business Account Checklist


Membership Forms

Refer a Friend


Savings Account Forms and Documents

CD Application
Custodial Account Application
Custodial Certificate Application
IRA Payroll Deduction Change Request
Traditional IRA, Roth IRA and Coverdell documents




With an electronic signature (e-signature) you can sign documents with your mouse, upload a scanned image of your signature, or type in your name and select from a variety of signature styles. This signature will be associated with a unique identifier so that every document you sign will be recorded as signed by you and you alone.

e-Signature has many obvious benefits, including saving the time and money required to deliver documents to be physically signed, as well as eliminating the need to make a trip to sign documents.

You can electronically sign both personal and business documents such as contracts, invoices, school forms, leases, and banking forms.

Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and in many countries around the world.

Watch this video tutorial on how to electronically sign a document. Read the electronic signature FAQs and learn more about DocuSign's e-signature security.