What We Do

From title searches to ground rent redemption, SECU Title offers a wide range of services to meet your needs.

We issue title insurance policies on behalf of First American Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

Title Search and Examination: We order a title search to determine ownership of the property. The title search and examination are used solely by SECU Title Services to determine title insurability and to communicate the conditions upon which a title insurance policy may be issued.

Title Insurance Commitment: We will prepare a title insurance commitment for the purpose of issuing a title insurance policy. We provide members with a copy of the title insurance commitment in advance of closing.

Survey: We may also order a survey of the property. In most instances, we will require a location drawing, which determines the approximate position of improvements on the property in relation to the boundaries of the property.

Closing: We will prepare the closing documents to include the requisite instrument of conveyance and the settlement statement. In doing so, we follow written instructions (e.g. contract of sale and lender’s instructions) to assist the parties in settling as agreed. We coordinate with the buyer and seller to schedule the date and location of the closing. Our experienced, full time professional settlement officers travel to the closing at the convenience of the member.

Disbursement: We disburse all settlement funds.

Recording: We record the instrument(s) of conveyance (and any security agreement as may be required) among the appropriate land records.

Title Clearance: We procure and record releases for any liens satisfied at closing.

Ground Rent Redemption: Upon request, we can assist members with redeeming Maryland ground rents.

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SECU Title Services
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