Website Accessibility Statement

SECU promotes accessibility, diversity and inclusion and it is our goal to permit all of our members to successfully gather information and conduct business through our website, online banking and mobile banking platforms, and other technology.

We strive to make our website and other digital technology accessible and continuously work on accessibility improvements. Whether you are using assistive technology like a screen reader, a magnifier, voice recognition software, or switch technology, it is our goal to make your use of SECU’s website and other digital tools a successful and enjoyable experience.

We recommend using the most current versions of computer-based assistive technology applications and browsers. There are easy-to-use controls for adjusting the size and colors of content on a web page. There are no ideal content size or color combinations for all users. By using the controls provided by your browser, you can personalize the content presentation to suit your needs. Keeping browsers updated will ensure that you have the most options available for accessibility. Newer browsers may provide more display options to make content accessible, and may work better with assistive technology. Please visit individual manufacturer sites for information about how to obtain assistive technology or browsers. Also, local and state agencies or non-profit groups in your area may be able to help you obtain assistive technology.

SECU welcomes feedback on future initiatives for accessibility of this website or any of SECU’s websites and our other digital platforms. We encourage anyone who wants to discuss the manner in which we provide goods and services to people with disabilities, has questions about our accessibility standards, or has problems accessing our website (including linked third party websites) or using any of our other digital tools to contact us by phone at 888-643-9777 or in writing at SECU, 971 Corporate Blvd, Attn: Compliance Dept.  Linthicum, MD 21090. We will work with you to provide the information or item(s) you seek through a communication method that is accessible for you, such as communication through telephone support.