Direct Deposit

Get your pay right away!

There are many reasons you might not be at work on payday. Why delay receiving your hard-earned money when you can have your pay deposited right into your SECU account? Direct Deposit with SECU can make your payday smooth and easy, no matter what’s going on in the world.

Have your pay, social security, investment, insurance or retirement checks deposited directly to your SECU Checking or SECU Savings account. Members with direct deposit enjoy safer, quicker access to their funds and it can help to avoid overdraft fees.

Signing Up is Simple

Check with the payroll office at your place of employment to verify that they offer direct deposit. They’ll provide you with a simple form to complete, or you can use one of ours and give it to your employer to process:

Get direct deposit forms (opens in new window)

For forms provided by your employer, where “bank name and number” is printed on the form, write “State Employees Credit Union of Maryland” and routing number: 255076753.