As Faculty or Staff at UMD

You’re one step closer to SECU Membership

And building a better maryland

As Faculty or Staff at UMD

You’re one step closer to SECU Membership

And building a better maryland

As Maryland’s largest credit union, it only makes sense for us to partner with a renowned educational institution like the University of Maryland. Our organization proudly shares the same commitment to improving the lives of students, athletes, and community members.

Together, we can build a stronger future for Maryland.

See What SECU Has to Offer

We could go on and on about why you should choose SECU and how easy it is to join—and we will. But first, we’ll show you some of the benefits coming your way.

GET $250† to spend Freely

Open a SECU Total™ Checking & Rewards account and get $250† to spend however you like. Beyond a little extra cash, this all-in-one account offers competitive rates, no monthly maintenance fees, debit cash back and bonus credit card rewards.

  • $250† offer valid thru 6/30/24 and available to current faculty and staff of UMDCP for new SECU members only.
  • Must set up e-statements and have at least 2 qualifying payroll Direct Deposits within 90 days of opening the account—deposit the full paycheck to maximize long-term account benefits.
  • Already have a checking account with another bank? No problem. Switching to SECU is simple and worth it for all the banking and Terps perks.

Learn how you can earn rewards and personalize this checking account to meet your needs.




UMD Faculty and Staff Resources

Making Your Job, A Little Easier

As part of SECU’s partnership with the University of Maryland, you have a dedicated resource who can facilitate financial literacy presentations and provide invaluable financial wellness information to you and your colleagues. Annie works tirelessly to ensure everyone at UMD gets what they need. Email her today at



From balancing budgets to questions about inflation and the right savings accounts, our Virtual Financial Center puts expert financial guidance right at your fingertips. Schedule an appointment or stop by during our convenient Open Lobby hours when we offer walk-in video chats.







Need to update your payroll deduction form? No problem, you can access that form and a few others here.

How to Become a Member

Thanks to your employment at the University of Maryland, you’re automatically eligible for SECU membership. There are just a few simple steps to ensure you have complete access to our full suite of banking services.

Choose Your Account

As part of the process, you’ll need to select the SECU service you’d like to activate. Review the options below, and as always, we’re here to answer any questions.

Open and Activate

Open your new deposit account online today or set up a virtual or in-person appointment to speak with a Member Advisor. Once that’s complete, you’re a new SECU Member!

Why Become A SECU Member

Your Community Is Our Community

While we’re able to provide lower rates and are proud of our personalized service, that’s just scratching the surface of SECU membership.

All across Maryland, we’re deeply rooted in the communities we serve—leading local initiatives, such as financial literacy programs, support for local businesses and our highly successful Kindness Campaign that unites volunteers in acts of goodness.

Join SECU. Bank Proudly.

Lifetime Ownership

As a credit union, our members are also part owners. So you have a say in the future of SECU, and you’re welcome to stay for life.

Lower Rates, Fewer Fees

Unlike the big banks, when we make money it comes back to you through lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, and fewer & lower fees.

Digital Banking

All of the modern banking conveniences are here: bill pay, check deposits, money transfers, you name it—it can all be done from your mobile device.

Virtual Financial Center

Online banking just got easier. Here, you can do most of your day-to-day banking, set up virtual appointments, chat with Member Advisors, and so much more.

Trusted Advice

Our member advisors do what’s right for you, every time. That means they take the time to understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Free Financial Support

Your overall financial wellness is our focus. That’s why we offer free services to help you learn to budget, improve your credit score, plan for retirement, and more.

Dedication to Community

We would be nothing without our local community, so we keep our business here and give back in meaningful ways.

Not-For-Profit Banking

This is how we bring you lower rates and fewer fees. We have absolutely no financial relationships or investments with any brokerage firm.

† $250 offer valid from 4/15/24 – 6/30/24 for UMD or USM faculty and staff that are new to SECU. Must open a new SECU Total™ Checking & Rewards account and meet the following criteria.

New SECU Members: 1) Join SECU and open a checking account during the promo period; 2) Within 90 days of opening checking: Set up e-statements and have at least 2 separate qualifying payroll Direct Deposits post to your checking account. Existing members are not eligible for this offer. Members or former members that had a checking account on or after 4/1/2022 are not eligible for this offer.

Offer is only available to current faculty and staff of University of MD College Park and University System of MD; membership must be opened through the appropriate field of membership to be eligible. Verification of employment status may be required. Qualifying direct deposits include recurring electronic deposits of payroll, pension or Social Security. Person to person, bank transfers or other electronic money transfers, such as those made through internet payment services, do not qualify. All criteria must be met within 90 days of opening checking. SECU will credit one cash bonus of $250 to the primary owner of the new SECU checking account within 60 days of meeting the requirements. Membership and accounts must be in good standing to receive the bonus. Promotional period and offer are subject to change at any time without notice. The promotional bonus is limited to one per member. If you received a bonus for a SECU checking promo in the last 24 months, you are not eligible for this offer. Advertised bonus cannot be combined with any other offer. Membership eligibility required. Bonuses are considered miscellaneous income and may be reported as income to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC. SECU’s determination of offer eligibility is final. Federally insured by NCUA.