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EMV Chip Cards

SECU uses EMV chip card technology to help protect your Visa® credit and debit card from unauthorized use.

A card with an embedded EMV microchip is often referred to as a “chip card.” The EMV-enabled cards or “chip cards” have an additional layer of security because of the embedded microprocessor chip.

Your card also has 24/7 monitoring to protect your account—plus Zero Liability Protection, so you’re not held liable for unauthorized transactions.

For more information on EMV technology and how to use and activate your card, visit our EMV FAQs.

Making a purchase at a chip-enabled terminal


Insert your card, chip end first, and leave it in the chip-enabled terminal.
  Your card remains in the terminal
while the transaction is approved.
  You are prompted to remove your
card once your purchase is complete.

You can use your EMV card at any credit terminal because the card still has a magnetic stripe.