Save money by refinancing your mortgage, home equity, or auto loan.

When you "refi", you lower your loan's interest rate and possibly the loan term. Refinancing often results in a lower monthly payment.


Refinancing your mortgage with SECU could save you thousands. You can save money immediately with a lower monthly payment, while saving on interest over the life of the loan.

You typically need equity in your home in order to refinance (see our HARP page for the exception), as well as sound credit and proof that you have enough income to make the payments.

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Home Equity

Refinance your home equity loan or line with SECU for a lower rate and better terms.

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You can move your auto loan to SECU. Refinancing your existing vehicle loan can lower your rate and monthly payment – putting more money in your pocket, not your bank's pocket!

SECU will refinance your current model year and vehicles of the previous eight model years.

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Error Resolution and Information Requests

You have certain rights under Federal law related to resolving errors and requesting information about your loan account. In order to provide us with notice of an error on your loan account, or to request information about your loan account, please send us a written notice that contains (i) your name, (ii) your loan account number, and (iii) information concerning the error you believe has occurred or the information you are requesting about your loan. This written notice must be sent to the following address: SECU P.O. Box 2092, Glen Burnie, MD 21060.