Custodial Savings Accounts

Start them early. Start them smart.

It's easy to help any family or household member under 21* get off on the right financial foot.

  • It takes just $10 to establish a SECU Custodial Savings account. 
  • Minors who are eligible to join SECU as a family member can benefit from a SECU custodial account.
  • As a SECU member, you can name yourself or any person aged 18 or older as custodian. 
  • The custodian may make withdrawals from the account at any time only for the minor's benefit. 
  • The custodian receives all account statements.
Open an Account

Choose from a variety of investment options.

Once a SECU Custodial Savings account is opened, you can establish additional Custodial investment accounts for the minor, including:


Important note: Federal Reserve Board Regulation D limits the number of transfers or withdrawals that may be made from a Share Savings or Money Market account to a third party to six per month and no more than three of the six may be made by check.