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Reap the benefits of SECU's Certificates of Deposit.

  • Higher rates than short-term investments/accounts. 
  • Bonus rates for Choice and Premier members. 
  • Low minimum deposit of just $500.

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Note: Custodial CDs are also available. Please visit our Forms page and select Custodial Certificate Application.

1 - 5 year CDsOther Term CDs

Step-Up CDs

A low risk investment that gives you the opportunity to lock in a better rate without extending the term of the CD.

A Step-Up CD offers a fixed rate for a fixed time period, with a one-time chance to bump up the rate.

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Step-Up CDs

Add-On CDs

With a small term commitment, an Add-On CD is a good way to save toward a goal (new home, car, tuition) with no monthly or annual fees.

  • Low minimum deposit of $100.
  • After your initial deposit, you can add funds at any time.
  • Higher interest rate than a Savings account.

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Add-On CDs

Compare Rates

CDsSECU's Rates*Maryland Bank AverageSECU Beats The Average By:
3 Months 0.50%0.06%88%
6 Months0.70%0.13%438%
1 Year1.05%0.20%425%
2 Years1.40%0.32%338%
3 Years1.65%0.40%313%
4 Years1.90%0.56%239%
5 Years2.10%0.82%156%


^Data is supplied by Datatrac Inc. as of 12/9/2016.

Rate shown is the average for the 10 largest banks in Maryland. Actual credit rates may be different.


* APR = Annual Percentage Rate. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. This page is updated regularly.


Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. You only need $500 to open a Savings Certificate, with the exception of the Jumbo CD. A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal. Other terms are available, call 410-487-7328 or 800-879-7328 for details.