Manage your money better with account alerts.


Alerts are available through Online Banking and Mobile Banking, and provide notification of account activity such as low balance, check cleared, deposit confirmation, and loan payment due. 

See how Alerts help you

  • Save money by avoiding potential fees associated with late payments
  • Alerts can help you maintain good credit by ensuring loan payments are made on time
  • Alerts are proactive - they can save you the stress and hassle of last-minute payments
  • Enjoy peace of mind, knowing you'll receive notification if you forget a due date

And you're always in control, with the ability to edit your Alerts at any time. You can also schedule "quite time" (such as overnight or during an event) or suspend Alerts for a specific period of time.

Get Started

Online Banking Alerts Mobile Banking Alerts
1. Login to Online Banking 1. Login to the mobile app
2. Click My Profile, then Alerts 2. Click the Alerts icon
3. Click Create Alert 3. Configure Alerts for each account