Visa Debit Card

SECU's No-Monthly-Fee Visa® Debit Card

What's the advantage to having a SECU Visa Debit Card?

A Visa Debit Card can be used at merchants for point of sale purchases. Use your card with confidence, knowing that with EMV chip card technology and Visa Zero Liability* your card is protected from unauthorized use.

How else will you benefit from a free SECU Visa Debit Card?


  • No monthly fee
  • A nation-wide network of free ATMs


  • Make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Access your accounts from any of our thousands of network ATMs

Account Management

  • Transactions included on your monthly statement, in Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Make consumer loan payments by transferring funds from your Savings, Checking or Money Manager accounts or by depositing loan payments  

View additional ways to manage your account on our Card Services page

What's the advantage to having a debit card, instead of an ATM card?

Both cards can be tied to any SECU account. However, only a Visa Debit Card can be used at merchants for point of sale purchases. An ATM card can only be used at an ATM.

See how your SECU Visa Debit Card works

Debit Card Uses

Daily Withdrawal Limit

Types of Transactions


Service Charge

SECU ATM $500 maximum Deposits, withdrawals,balance inquiries, transfers, loan payments SECU ATMs No Service Charge
CO-OP ATM $500 maximum Withdraw cash CO-OP** ATMs worldwide No Service Charge
Non-SECU & Other Network ATMs  $500 maximum Withdraw cash STAR, PLUS, Visa ATMs worldwide  No SECU fee for Premier, Choice & Student Checking. $1 SECU fee for Standard Checking†; ATM owner may charge additional fees 
Point of Sale*** (debit) $3,500 combined (debit or credit) Merchandise, service purchases and cash back Any merchant with STAR or PLUS POS terminal No Service Charge†
Visa Purchase*** (credit) $3,500 combined (debit or credit) Merchandise or service purchases, no cash back Any merchant who accepts Visa debit cards No Service Charge†


Important note: If you travel outside the United States, please remember to contact SECU prior to your departure so we can update your card information. You can submit your travel notification form via Online Banking. Once you've logged in click My Profile, then Travel Notification.

We also recommend that you secure your Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your debit and/or credit card. Many merchants outside of the United States require a PIN to complete signature and POS (Point of Service) transactions. If your card is lost or stolen outside of the U.S. please call 727-570-4881 to report the incident. If you have any other concerns, please contact us.


*Visa's Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued debit cards and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions, ATM transaction, or any PIN transactions not processed by Visa. Members must notify SECU immediately of any unauthorized use. Visit for more details.


**CO-OP ATM transactions are surcharge-free. Other ATM networks may assess a surcharge that generally ranges from $1 - $2.50. † Visa® charges up to 1% International Service Assessment fee for all transactions made outside of the United States.


***Deducted from your SECU Checking account. Point of Sale (POS) is through the STAR® or PLUS® electronic networks. Visa purchase is through the Visa electronic network but is not a charge to a Visa credit card.