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Person-to-Person Payments

Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to send money to any person.

No need to find your checkbook. Use Person-to-Person Payments to send money to anyone with a US bank account or PayPal account.

Send money directly from your SECU account to any valid US bank account. All you need is your recipient’s bank routing number, account number, and home address (information printed on their checks). Your recipient receives funds within two business days.

Get Started

Login to Online Banking and click "Bill Pay". Then accept (or re-accept) the Terms and Conditions and follow the steps below.

To Set Up Person-to-Person Payments:

  1. Type the payee's name in the Pay Someone New box and click "Add"
  2. In the pop-up window, select "To Account Payment"
  3. Enter the payee's account info and click "Continue"

For Account-to-Account payments:

  1. Enter the amount to pay
  2. Select the payment date
  3. Click the "Pay" button
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