Person to Person Payments

Now you can send money to family, friends or any person using your mobile phone or computer.

No need to send cash or checks. Pay the baby sitter or send money electronically to any person with a US bank account.

Person-to-Person Payments offer two ways to pay someone:

  1. Account to Account payments allow you to send money directly from your account to anyone with a valid U.S. bank account.

    Set your recipients up in Bill Pay just like any other payee and they will receive funds electronically. Use Mobile Banking to pay them with your smart phone the same way you pay bills. All you need is your recipient’s bank routing number, account number, and home address (information that is printed on their checks). Your recipients will receive their funds the next business day.
  2. PayPal payments allows you to send money from your computer to anyone with a PayPal account. 

    All you need is your recipient’s PayPal email address or mobile phone number. Simply click on the "Send Money" tab in Bill Pay and you can send money immediately. Your recipient will receive an email with a link for them to claim the funds. Recipients are required to have a valid PayPal account.

It's easy to get started with Person-to-Person Payments. Just log in to Online Banking and click Bill Pay. Accept (or re-accept) the Terms and Conditions and then follow the steps below.

Get Started


Person-to-Person Payments set up

  1. In Bill Pay, click the Make Payments tab
  2. Type the name of the payee in the Pay Someone New box and click Add
  3. In the Add a Person or Business to Pay dialogue box, click To Account Payment and enter the payee's account type, bank routing number, account number and address, then click Continue 

The person is now set up as a payee.

To make an Account to Account payment:

  1. Enter the payment amount in the box next to the payee's name
  2. Select the payment date
  3. Click the Pay button

To make a PayPal payment:

  1. Click the Send Money Online tab
  2. Enter the person's name, email address, amount and your email address, along with any comments
  3. Click Send Money