February 2018


Students from Towson University will get a chance to discuss the financial challenges they will face once they graduate and how to better manage their own personal finances when SECU holds a Reality Fair in TU’s West Village Commons’ 4th Floor Ballroom from 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. on Friday, February 23.

“SECU’s Reality Fair will give participating students an interactive experience in managing their money and making smart, informed financial decisions that ultimately will help them after they graduate and enter the working world,” says Rod Staatz, President and CEO of SECU.

With SECU volunteers on hand to provide support, Towson University students will participate in a number of activities in which they will need to figure out how to live within their means while paying for essentials such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, and food.

Students will also have a chance to balance spending on essentials with discretionary spending on things like entertainment, pets, gym memberships, and other items that, while nice, are not always practical. And to give students an opportunity to deal with some of those unforeseen circumstances – and expenses – that inevitably occur, they will spin the “wheel of life.”

Student participants will record all of their choices on customized budget sheets. They will then meet with SECU financial counselors to balance their budgets, review their decisions, and discuss what they can do to improve their money management skills.

SECU’s Reality Fair is part of Towson University’s Spring Senior and Graduate Conference. Although the conference is focused on post-graduate life and geared to graduating seniors, the Reality Fair is open to all Towson University students. The Reality Fair is being held in cooperation with Towson University’s Career Center.